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Tibado provides developer coins for free. The developer currency is called 'Tibs' and have no monetary value. Use Tibs to try-out and learn how the Tibado coin system works.

Click on the Get Coin button below, and download your first 'Tib'.

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Use our IOS Pocket Application to look after your coins.

Use our Android Pocket Application to look after your coins.

Android app on Google Play

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Send your Coin via Email, Instant messaging or anything else which allows you to transmit images to friends or family.

Spend your Coin via the growing demonstration sites list below:


Safeguarding Coin Ownership

Coins are easily duplicated, so on receivership of a coin it is wise to swap it for a fresh one. In Tibado speak this exchange is called a swap. Two additional exchanges can be also be performed by the Tibado central system, which also changes coin denominations - A split and a merge.

Regularly exchanging coins with the Tibado central system guarantees that the coin/s you hold and own are both active and authentic.

Pocket Applications

Tibado pocket applications automatically safeguard your coins and provide a single point at which you can store and access your coins. Again in Tibado speak, a client application with provides these functions is known as a 'Pocket'.

Tibado currently provides Pocket reference applications, but crucially Tibado does not mandate how you store, transfer or trade your coins. Direct access to the Tibado central system API is provided and we strongly encourage 3rd party application developers to make their own.


Make Your Own

A list of currently availible pocket applications

Use our Android Pocket Application to look after your coins.

Android app on Google Play
Android app on Google Play

Jump straight on in using our High-level Pocket-API with our Netbeans tutorial

Alternatively check out our direct engine API with the link here.

Ask further questions on our facebook group.