Welcome to the TIBADO Coin Exchange

Why not try out our free TIBADO Developer Currency - 'TIBs'.

You can also familiarise yourself with the TIBADO CASH box API.

Our Coin API operations; SWAP, SPLIT and MERGE will enable you to check the validity of coins and exchange coins for different denominations.

Get Your First TIBADO Coin

TIBADO provides developer coins TIBSs for free without any monetary value, so you can learn how the TIBADO Digital Currency system works.

Download your first 'TIBs' coin now by clicking on the Get Coin button below.

Safeguarding Coin Ownership

TIBADO Swap Coin: Coins can be easily or accidentally duplicated, so depending on receivership of a coin it is advisable to swap for a new validated coin.

TIBADO Split/Merge Coin:Two additional exchanges can be also be performed by the TIBADO central system, which also changes coin denominations.

TIBADO's Central Cash Module guarantees that the coin or coins your receive and own are both active and authentic.